Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Will Hrithik Roshan do Krrish 4?

Hrithik Roshan’s Krrish 3 is slated for release on November 4, 2013 and the actor is giving in his best to promote the film. We hear that he plans to dedicate all his dates for Krrish 3 till November 15; however, post that he will cut off from Krrish 3 and move on to Bang Bang (his next with Katrina Kaif).

The Krrish 3 actor, who finds it ‘exhilarating, exciting and yet, nerve-wracking’ to work on Krrish 3 says that Krrish 4 could possibly be on the cards. He adds, “It is the only franchise that has lasted a decade. All the other franchises – Spider-Man, Superman or X-Men – have had to be revamped. But Krrish is the only one going on.”

Hrithik, whose films’ schedules were affected ‘coz of his li’l break feels that the release dates of his upcoming films Bang Bang and Shuddhi are likely to be pushed forward. He says, “The Prague schedule of Bang Bang went for a toss, so I don’t know whether Shuddhi will come by the end of next year. I’m guessing we will have fresh release dates for both films.”

The Bollywood actor added, “Every film has its own destiny. All I have to do is, do my best.” Well, true that! Focussing on the present, let’s keep our fingers crossed for the release of Krrish 3 and we hope the film is as good as its promising trailer!


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