Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Boss collects 40.75 cr in 6 days

BOSS had low collections on Monday as it collected 2.75 crore nett taking its total to 40.75 crore nett. The film will collect around 43 crore nett in seven days and around 47 crore nett in its extended first week. Despite getting a good price for TV and being sold for fair prices, it will still struggle for recovery for both the makers and distributors. The first six day figures of BOSS are as follows.
  • Wednesay – 12,00,00,000
  • Thursday – 7,40,00,000
  • Friday – 5,60,00,000
  • Saturday – 5,75,00,000
  • Sunday – 7,25,00,000
  • Monday – 2,75,00,000
TOTAL – 40,75,00,000

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Krrish 3 is 2.33 hrs long; passed with ‘U’ certificate

The much-talked about sci-fi biggie Krrish 3 has acquired a censor certificate. The Hrithik Roshan-starrer has been passed with a ‘U’ certificate and has a runtime of 2 hours 33 minutes. The film is all set to release on November 1.

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Release of Ram Gopal Varma’s Satya 2 postponed to November 8

Celebrations at the RGV camp were cut short on Tuesday with the release of Satya 2, starring newcomers Puneet Singh, Anaika Soti and Aradhana Gupta, being postponed. Ramu was told in no uncertain terms by government authorities to severe all ties from Arun Sharma owned L.R. Active, one of the financers of the film.

“After disassociating with all L.R. Active Arun Sharma related issues, Satya 2 will now release Nov 8, instead of October 25th,” read Varma’s Twitter post on Tuesday. When Mirror got in touch with the director, he confirmed the story and told Mirror: “Arun Sharma is the owner of L.R. Active and he is one of the partners in Satya 2. We were told not have any kind of association with him.” The obviously disturbed director refused to say anything else on this matter. Mirror had reported on Tuesday about the Rs 5600-crore scam in the Jignesh Shah-promoted NSEL (National Spot Exchange Limited) and Arun Sharma’s involvement in it. He is one of the defaulting borrowers of the high-profile commodities exchange fraud, and his company has defaulted Rs 250 crore on NSEL.

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Salman Khan's Mental Shoot - New Stills Out!

Catch the new stills from the sets of Salman Khan's next film Mental.

Promotion of film Satya 2

Checkout latest images of Satya 2 Stars Promote film at Navratri

Friday, October 11, 2013

Brand New Poster of Krrish 3 Movie

Here is the new Krrish 3 Poster feat. Hrithik, Priyanka and Kangana. Produced and directed by Rakesh Roshan, the movie releases on November 1. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Why did Salman Khan change the title of his upcoming film from Mental to Jai Ho?

Salman Khan is a family man! Looking at this picture, it is very clear that the bhai likes to bond with his family members whenever he has some free time in his hands.

We have heard the Khan pariwaar was apparently divided on the title of Salman’s upcoming film to be directed by his brother Sohail Khan. While many preferred the original title – Mental, the patriarch of the family Salim Khan preferred Jai Ho. Now we know that the eternal bachelor of B-town respects his father tremendously. Now is that possible that papa says something and Salman completely ignores it? Well, the Dabangg dude didn’t think twice and changed the title of the film from Mental to Jai Ho.

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Cast: Ravi Kissen, Eijaz Khan, Kulraj Radhawa, Shraddha Das, Sanjay Mishra, Madhavi Sharma
Banner: Dhananjay Films Pvt Ltd, Jai Viratra Entertainment Ltd, Inderjit Films Combine
Producer: Karan Raj Kanwar
Director: Shammi Chhabra

Priyanka Chopra to be seen in a double role in Krrish 3?

Bollywood Actress Priyanka Chopra will be seen in a double role in Krrish 3. While it is being kept hush-hush, an inisder reveals that the actress has a double role in the film. However, it is not like a traditional double role. She will seen in a good and a bad avatar.

Adds the source, “Priyanka is playing the character of Priya Mehra (married to Krishna Mehra or Krrish aka Hrithik Roshan). When she was offered the role as Krrish’s wife, PC hardly had any scope to emote. When she learnt that the other actress Kangana has a role with more layers, she asked for meat to be added to her part. And thus her new character was written by director Rakesh Roshan.

Priyanka will be seen in two roles — a good one as Krrish’s wife and one which evolves into another person which is pure evil. All will be revealed in the climax. PC’s good and bad characters are expected to be one of the highlights of the film.”

Monday, October 7, 2013

New colourful and vibrant poster of Ram Leela released!

The new poster of Sanjay Leela Bhansali's upcoming flick Ram Leela poster is out! The poster looks extremely vibrant and colourful due of its breathtaking background. In the foreground, we see the mesmerizing duo of Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone engaging in a dance of love and complementing each other perfectly. 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Ishk Actually Movie first trailer

Directed by Anish Khanna, Ishk Actually stars Rajeev Khandelwal, Rayo Bakhirta, Neha Ahuja and Ann Mithchai in the lead. It’s a well-known fact that Rajeev loves to experiment with his roles and films, this time is no exception as well.

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Besharam Movie Review

Cast: Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Singh, Ranbir Kapoor, Pallavi Sharda, Javed Jaffrey

Director: Abhinav Singh Kashyap

Rating: Two Stars

The number of times Ranbir Kapoor, that simmering restless bundle of unstoppable talent, calls himself besharam (shameless) in this movie is not funny. And with good reason, one might add.
The plot is evidently written as a back-handed homage to the 1980s and 90s cinema of outlandish logistics where coincidences covered up for the lack of a sound sense in the script, and every actor screamed his or her dialogues to conceal the embarrassment of doing stuff that no one with an iota of intelligence would attempt. 

But even the logistics of the cinema of the absurd had a rhythm of its own. 

Besharam, however, is devoid of rhythm, sur or taal. It's shot like an ongoing television sitcom where the actors are clueless about which way the intended laughter would take them. Everyone in the movie, from the redoubtable Rishi Kapoor to the gifted-in-her-own-right Himani Shivpuri, is in it just for fun.

I am sure the script, when it was narrated to the actors, must have had them in splits.

And why not? Director Abhinav Kashyap's debut in Dabangg gave a new language to the Hindi commercial cinema. The language of cocky hero-giri. But then, Dabangg featured Salman Khan who does not need to act to impress audiences. He does not even try. 

Ranbir Kapoor in Besharam goes the other way. Every scene in the film is an "acting" moment. Ranbir does the equivalent of a very accomplished gymnast who must impress the sports council that he is qualified for the next Olympics.

The director obviously thinks very highly of Ranbir's talents. So do we. But does that mean he must attack every scene like an audition? There is a desperation in the narration hidden out of our view, but discernible nonetheless. A desperation to project the protagonist as infinitely wacky.

Cynical disregard for basic decency is meant to be cool in this film. In the endeavour to imbue Ranbir's car-thief character with a sense of mischievous artlessness, the narration becomes woefully heavy-handed. The tone adopted is that of a conversation between two reputed stand-up comedians who are out to prove they can convey the seriousness of existence even while maintaining the jokey tone. 

Everyone, barring the villain Javed Jaffrey, is given funny lines. They speak it with twinkle-eyed pleasure that, alas, is lost somewhere as it makes its way from the screen to the audience. There are passages of excruciatingly gauche writing where the actors run around in circles, trying to be cute replicas of characters from the movies in the 1990s.

Among these aimless drifters in the province of the potboiler are Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh, playing a corrupt quarrelsome Haryanvi cop couple. Their roles seem to start with the firm resolve that their real-life relation to the hero would be kept completely out of bounds. But then, as the script progresses, real-life references like "Tum toh meri maa samaan ho" ("You're like my mother") and "Main tera baap hoon" ("I'm your dad") creep in, until the margin of satire shrinks to the extent of being non-existent. 

And we finally come to a stage where Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh "adopt" Ranbir's character!
"Go for it," Ranbir's sidekick Titu (well played by Amitosh Nagpal) tells the hero. "You even look like the female cop (Neetu Singh)."

The trouble with mainstream Hindi cinema is that when all is said and done, it is nothing but a star-vehicle. Besharam stars off cocking a snook at conventional trappings. It eventually ends up sucking up to cinematic cliches, and with not even a pretence of subtlety.

Besharam is clogged with plot-holes into which the characters happily fall. There they remain happily wallowing in the uni-dimensionality of their narrow world-view. 

The fuss, if you must know, is over a posh car bought by the girl that our hero, Bunty, has fallen for.
That the girl, Pallavi Sharda, seems to belong to another plot and another film is besides the point.
Bunty loves her, period. And what follows is a series of goofy escapades where Bunty outwits the villain. Laughter.

It is sad to see Rishi Kapoor reduced to sitting on the potty and noisily clearing his bowels. And at one point, the heroine herself asks: "Yeh thoda vulgar nahin ho gaya?" ("That got a little vulgar?")

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Krrish 3 to finally release on a Friday – November 1

After contemplating the release of Krrish 3 first on Sunday, November 3 and then Monday, November 4, filmmaker Rakesh Roshan has now decided to unleash his much awaited superhero flick starring Hrithik Roshan on Friday, November 1. The filmmaker communicated the decision to all his distributors and exhibitors over the weekend.

Apparently, the idea of releasing the film, also starring Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranaut and Vivek Oberoi, on November 1 was suggested to him by his distributors, exhibitors and even overseas associates.

Confirms Rakesh Roshan, “This year, Dhanteras, the first day of Diwali, is on November 1. And it’s a holiday for most people. My distributors and exhibitors, even those overseas, wondered why I was not making use of the holidays. Fortunately or unfortunately, it’s for the first time in many years that Diwali and Lakshmi Puja are falling on Sunday. No one knows the repercussions of a pre-Diwali release. But since everyone is keen on a Friday release, I’ll be releasing Krrish 3 on November 1.”

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First Look: R…RAJKUMAR

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Banner: Eros International, Next Gen Films

Producers: Sunil Lulla, Viki Rajani

Director: Prabhu Dheva